The Perfect Song - Complete

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The Perfect Song - Complete. You send us a vocal track and a guide track (piano or guitar). We will produce your song including mix and master according to your wishes, ready for publishing. Includes up to 3 revisions.*


No real instrument is recorded.

Basic 1

1 real instrument of your choice.***

Basic 2

2 real instrument of your choice.***


Add up to 3 real instruments of your choice.***



We produce a song for you according to your wishes. up to 5 Minutes of length. We make a Basic Demo of the Song.**
When choosing Custom turnaround times lies between 10 and 30 days.

*Royalties belong to you as long as you don't want us to change melody chords etc. Please feel free to contact us for any question.

**Royalties belongs to us and our composers. Colaborations are possible, please contact us for further questions.

***Available Instruments are (these instruments are recorded by professional studio musicians):

Drums: Sonor Lite (for all styles), D&W (Rock & Pop), Gretsch (Jazz, Blues, SingerSongwriter), other drums on request

Bass: Fender Jazz Bass (Jazz, Pop, Rock, Funk, Singersongwriter, Indie), Fender Precision Bass (Pop, Rock, Singersongwriter, Indie), Music Man Stingray (Rock, Funk), Moog Bass (Electronic Music, Indie)

Piano: Steinway & Sons Grand Piano, Sauter Upright Piano

E-Piano & Organ: Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, Hammond B3,

Synth: Moog, Moog Modular, Juno 106, Prophet, Endorphines & Doepfer Eurorack

Guitar: Taylor Acoustic Guitar (Nylon or Western), Fender Electric Guitar (Rock, Indie, Singersongwriter, Jazz, Pop, EDM), Gibson (Rock, Metal, Blues), Pedal Steel, Dobro, Mandoline, Ukulele,

Horns: Saxophon (Jazz), Saxophone (Funk), Saxophon (EDM), Trumpet (Jazz), Trumpet (Funk, Blues), Trumpet (Classical) Trompone (Blues)

Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Doublebass (for Classical or Pop, Singersonwriter)